Foram & Atit's Wedding - June 21, 2014

I had the honor of celebrating Foram and Atit's wedding in SoCal.  It was such a beautiful and colorful day!  I am so happy for Foram and Atit.  I knew Foram at UCLA and we would study and walk to class together.  And she also introduced me to my first Bollywood film when we were back in the dorms.  Foram is an inspiration to me in that she stays dedicated to her studies and family!  I only wish Foram and Atit a happy and wonderful life together!  Cheers!  

P.S. - Thank you Foram for inviting me to my first Indian wedding. :)

Packing Efficiently

I learned a new way to fold my clothes today thanks to a video shared by swiss-miss

Check this out - How to Army roll a t-shirt!  This significantly freed up space in my luggage as I packed tonight.  I hate packing/laundry/folding clothes, so this video made my day. 

Watch the video below and if you love planning in excel spreadsheets, here's how i planned my pack list for Europe on Google Docs

Europe Here I Come!

I'm heading to Europe in 2 days!  And as usual, I haven't started packing and probably will be scrambling to pack the right things in my luggage tomorrow night.  This is the first time I will be traveling for work internationally!  

I'm heading off to Emilia-Romagna, Italy for a Whole Journeys Team Member Educational Trip and then spend some personal time exploring the Allgäu region in Germany.  

Why am I going to Italy for work?  

  1. To learn where our Parmesan cheese, prosciutto, and other Italian products are sourced.  
  2. To experience a Whole Journeys trip.  Whole Journeys is Whole Foods Market travel agency company.  They organize food related vacation trips.
  3. To eat good food.  :)

Anyways, I'm super thankful and excited to be heading off on another adventure.  

Stay tuned for more details!  This time I plan to document my travels everyday!  


A Season of Travel

This year my schedule is packed.  I've been flying out or traveling to some place every month.  It's a bit hectic at times, but nothing makes me more happy than exploring.  Though there are challenges in a season of travel, in that staying grounded with the Lord and community is something that isn't easy when I'm constantly on the go.  However, God has been so good to me in this season of travel.  Everywhere I've been, He's met me there.  This year of adventures started out with Austin in March where I went to SXSW and was still able to go to church service and a Christian SXSW Meetup in the midst of the SX chaos.  Then recently, I went to Hong Kong and Vietnam and was able to visit my friend's church in HK and attend her discipleship class and women's group.  I am so thankful for his presence wherever I go and it reminds me that He is constantly present.  As long as I seek out his blessings and provisions, He provides! 

So where off to next?  New York!  I'll be heading to New York to attend 99U Conference.  Then in June, I'll be going to Italy for work and then spend a few days in Germany. 

I am thankful for the spirit of exploring and I look forward to sharing more about my trips to you all soon!  I have so much to share from my trip to HK and Vietnam.  And o yea - I just came back from a weekend trip at the Russian River!  Here's a sneak peek of my photos from HK and Vietnam.

Keep exploring and seek His blessings!